It's the alliance that sets us apart.

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Signal Energy Alliance provides a quality learning experience that goes above and beyond providing required CEUs. Our instructors are experts in their fields in industry and academia. Our curriculum is frequently updated and encompasses the latest developments in technology. We offer hands-on, industry-specific training experiences geared to geoscientists and engineers at all career levels.

  Fundamentals of Seismic Data Processing

  Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation

  Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology

  Fundamentals of Multi-Channel Seismic Data Processing

  Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

  Fundamentals of Reflection Seismology

  Marine Seismic Acquisition

  Petroleum Exploration and Production

  Reserve Estimation

  Seismic Modeling (AVO and Seismic Inversion)

  Seismic Interpretations (2D, 3D) and Attribute Analysis

  Salt Interpretation for depth imaging


TRAINING - Courses Offered